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User Experience: nawigacja i design

A website is the primary sales channel in e-commerce, and as a result, intuitive navigation and design must be ensured in order to make customers want to buy on it. YourCX tools allow you to optimize navigation on e-commerce platforms and continuously monitor the ease of navigation in the product search and ordering processes. By combining declarative data with online analytics, you will gain practical insights into development directions, areas for improvement and bottlenecks negatively affecting satisfaction and conversion rates.

Our solutions will help you find answers to many questions, including: Do users easily find the products they are looking for? When typing in what keywords did users encounter incorrect search results? With what ease do users complete the purpose of their visit? How does the evaluation of navigation elements affect conversion?

Customer Experience: customer experience and loyalty

The growing involvement of companies in Customer Experience activities makes the need to measure and compare the effectiveness of implemented strategies crucial. With the support of YourCX, you will measure the value of the NPS (Net Promoter Score) at key points of contact with the brand and learn which factors have the strongest impact on loyalty, willingness to recommend your brand, and ultimately on key business metrics. As part of our services, we also offer unique benchmarks and numerous indicators and solutions to optimize consumer satisfaction.

Thanks to us, you will be able to find answers to the following questions: Which age groups buy the most and why? What are the main goals of website users' visits? What are the purchase intentions of users visiting the site from particular marketing campaigns? What is the impact of positive experiences on sales development? How do Critics behave after leaving the site? Do users realize their goal, and if not, why not? What influences your customers' loyalty the most?

Experience analytics

With the help of YourCX tools, you will be able to detect problems, service strengths and analyze the customer journey in terms of what pulls users away from their main goals. With our help, you will combine behavioral data on expectations, problems and emotions along with online behavior analytics, without overlooking the impact of declarations and emotions on subsequent actions and micro-conversions.

So with our help you will find out, among other things: What percentage of users reviewing a particular type of product are actually interested in buying it? What problems stood in the way of people abandoning the shopping cart? How do people who are favorable to the brand behave in the buying process, and how do critics behave? What did a user who viewed four sub-pages and then closed the site really want to achieve? Is bounce rate a significant problem?

Business development

Through in-depth analysis of customer emotions and expectations, it is possible to generate positive experiences and effectively develop business. By segmenting user paths according to declarative data (purposes of visits, reasons for abandoning the purchase process, NPS rate, etc.) and juxtaposing them with financial data, you will have a full understanding of development directions and areas that need further work. You will also examine how much and real impact any quality indicators and referral intent have on your company's revenue

You will also learn: What does the full purchase path of your customers look like? Which areas cause the most problems and discourage them from buying or recommending your store to friends? What information about the offer is missing? What expectations do regular customers have, and what expectations do new customers have?

Technical errors

You can never avoid errors or technical problems. With the help of YourCX solutions, you will be able to collect ongoing feedback on technical errors encountered by visitors. Quantitative data will allow your company to monitor abnormal events, and the comments sent will allow you to identify specific problems encountered by users. Additional contextual data will allow you to accurately identify the causes of technical errors, and screenshots sent by respondents along with the site code will allow you to recreate the incident scenarios that occurred.

Thanks to YourCX, you will find out, among other things: Are the problems encountered by users really significant? To what extent do technical errors affect conversions?

Quality of customer service

Channels related to direct contact with customers have the greatest impact on brand image and consumers' subsequent purchasing decisions. Among those who received help, the NPS rate is more than 300% higher than among those who had problems. Conversion rates among those satisfied with contacting the BOK are even more than 550% higher. Thanks to advanced capabilities of collecting contextual data (consultant id, case id, problem category, customer type, etc.) it is possible to fully monitor all channels of direct contact - livechat, email and phone.

With our solutions you will find the answer to the following questions: Is it easy to find the contact to the BOK? Did the consultant provide sufficient assistance? Which consultants are rated the best and which the worst? What scopes of information should consultants complete? How do users whose problem was solved behave, and how do those who did not find answers to their questions?

Post-purchase experience

Customer contact does not end with the thank you page. Delivery and in-person pickup experiences have a key impact on loyalty and willingness to recommend your brand. The timeliness of the order, the kindness of the supplier, the support of the BOK and the conformity of the goods to the description all project the image of your store.

With the help of surveys sent by e-mail after delivery of the product and/or collection of the order at a traditional point, you will learn the answer to the following questions: Did the personal pickup go smoothly? Did the package arrive on time? Did the goods meet the customer's expectations? Was the supplier courteous and helpful? What forms of delivery do your customers prefer?

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