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We offer a range of proven research solutions, thanks to which you will adjust your business to the needs of a modern customer.

Analysis panel

We provide a set of tools enabling analysis of data at various levels, from general trend summaries to behavioral analyses going beyond standard web analytics.


CX research reporting

Your company has implemented a number of studies embedded in the key points of contact with the brand. Customers willingly share their opinions and YourCX tool supplements declarative data with an additional context of behavior. What now?

Content optimisation

Advanced data collection mechanisms, as well as YourCX reporting tools, will prove their worth in maintaining high-quality product descriptions, as well as optimizing help sections.

Responding to errors

CX research will not only help you identify areas for improvement, but also support you in your ongoing process of responding to technical issues and bugs across all digital channels.

Mobile research

The smartphone has become a pocket-sized, multifunctional computer on which we search for information, shop and manage a loyalty program. How to adapt to the needs of modern consumers?

Customer service research

CX research in contacts with the Customer Service helps in identifying threats that negatively affect the brand image. You will increase the competence of consultants in various channels of contact, including e-mail, telephone and livechat.