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Credentials: Play, one of the biggest Polish telecomunications company

Mobile operator Play with great care strives to continually improve Customer Experience and the quality of Customer Service. Our activities in optimizing overall satisfaction and brand image are supported by the specialists from YourCX. Thanks to advanced tools and close cooperation in the field of research development we conduct numerous research projects that undoubtedly affect positively the value of the Play brand.

Co-operation with YourCX abled constant monitoring of subscribers’ satisfaction and the quality of Play.pl. In the process of Customer Experience optimization we gather data on consumers’ needs and behaviors, which is used in day-to-day and operational work. Thanks to YourCX analyzes, observations and recommendations, we are constantly improving our website and mobile app. Recently implemented projects aimed to increase the quality of Customer Support (including Livechat and Messenger), which translates into visible business results.

We recommend YourCX tools and services first and foremost because of competence, reliability and professionalism in supporting Play’s Customer Experience optimization strategy. We received full support in all stages of CX/UX projects realization. YourCX team is always helpful, active and ready to face problems and dilemmas. They also proved themselves in the field of current evaluation and data analysis. The information we collect, together with YourCX’s activities, allows us to better plan our marketing activities and improve our services and sales.

Małgorzata Dzięgielewska-Sojka

Head of Sales and Marketing Development, Play

With our solutions you can analyze the needs of consumers at all points of contact with your brand, taking into account the full context of experiences and emotions!