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References from Virgin Mobile, the world’s first virtual operator

We are proud to present the credentials from Virgin Mobile Polska:

We would like to thank YourCX for professional support. The research conducted within virginmobile.pl gives us useful knowledge that we constantly use in the development of the website and the Vigin Mobile offer.

Cooperation with YourCX has allowed us to better understand our Clients. Thanks to thoughtful data segmentation, we gained valuable knowledge about a group with a very high loyalty rate. Thanks to YourCX’s knowledge and insights about telecommunications market, it turned out that this group deviates from the industry characteristics. Furthermore, our Clients have turned our attention to the area from which they are the most dissatisfied, making it easier to plan a long-term strategy. YourCX has also verified the impact of specific problems on our business.

YourCX provided us with specific solutions thanks to which we received practical usability recommendations and industry benchmarks, as well as advanced analysis of conversions and user behavior.  We had the opportunity to discuss results, so that expert comments and insights allowed us to look at some issues from a different perspective.

We highly recommend the services of YourCX, which approaches the subject of CX research and online analytics comprehensively and innovatively. Their tools allow us to work on the collected data independently, and the proposed methods of reaching the consumer are non-intrusive.

Kamil Marhula

E-commerce Manager, Virgin Mobile Polska

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