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YourCX allows for multidimensional monitoring of consumer satisfaction and needs, which enables a flexible response to any emerging problems.

Strategic goals of Customer Experience Management

Research and evaluation of experiences

Assessment of Customer Experience at all stages of contact with the brand, i.e. of the quality of Customer Service, the degree of achieving online goals, customer loyalty and willingness to share impressions with friends and family. The full context is also examined and factors influencing the experiences are identified, along with the assessment of the degree to which they affect satisfaction or criticism. Research can be carried out on the online, mobile and offline channel. Learn more about Customer Experience research tailored to specific industries!

Satisfaction monitoring

Constant monitoring of key aspects and satisfaction allows you to quickly detect and respond to changes, as well as analyze customer satisfaction over time. The recommended solution is to determine KPIs and present the real-time results on a dedicated dashboard. An additional possibility of comparing the website results with market results from other websites covered by the survey gives a clear signal about differences in satisfaction with the competition (benchmarks). See what tools do we use to monitor Customer Experience!

Loyalty optimization 

Customer loyalty is one of the key indicators affecting the development of the company. Properly designed research using a sharp measurement of loyalty (eg Net Promter Score) allows you to keep track of customer content, learn about the reasons for their assessment, and make the right decisions to improve loyalty. Additionally, by enriching the analysis with segmentation, you can get information on specific groups of Clients.

Improving the conversion rate

Conversion rates are sensitive to a very large number of factors. Our research allows you to fully monitor the customer’s purchase path, starting from the home page, through the product pages and shopping cart, up to the satisfaction monitoring after delivery. At the same time, the possibilities of advanced segmentation as well as integration with CRM systems allow discovering the reasons behind a lower conversion among some user groups. We also monitor future activities by collecting data on the deferred conversions (behaviors weeks or months after filling the survey). Read more about conversion rate optimization!

Maximizing the Customer Value (Live Time Value)

Maximizing customer value is associated with the long-term planning of activities that will maintain positive associations with the brand and ensure willingness to use and recommend the services in the future. To achieve this, it is necessary to accurately measure the satisfaction of users along with the monitoring of deviations and a thorough analysis of their causes. This allows for quick response to changes taking place. Segmentation of data according to specific types of clients allows to better understand the behavior of individual groups, as well as identify factors that could affect the retention of regular customers and encouraging new ones.

Reducing abandoned carts

Traditional analytical tools allow you to determine the degree of abandonment of purchases, but do not answer the question why the process is abandoned. Investigating the reasons for abandoning purchases, or any other multi-stage processes, allows you to verify the previously known causes, as well as to learn about those issues that no one previously considered. The research also allows for precise targeting among users who have performed the relevant activities or visited selected subpages. Conversion analysis for these reasons and analysis of change in behavior before and after the visit gives a full picture of the shopping path. We were the first in Poland to investigate the impact of the loyalty Index (NPS) on revenues, see more!

Lowering the costs of support

Help by phone, e-mail or based on live chat requires personal expenditure, which is associated with costs. Thanks to the application of the CX research, the user can share comments about Customer Support. This feedback will allow identifying problems related to contact, which may translate into improved communication process, as well as, ultimately, lowering the costs of providing Customer Service. Research after contact with a consultant also enables assessment of specific consultants, including their kindness, substantive preparation, and commitment to solving the problem. The dependence of the bonus system on service quality has a positive effect on the quality of assistance. These studies also help to plan a training program and workshops for consultants based on real data on customer needs. If you want to know more, you can read Case Study on this subject!

ROPO and revROPO effect

Brands present in online and offline have to take into account the flow between all channels and the influence of one on the other. The ROPO effect is related to the willingness to get an opinion in one channel and to buy a product or service in another. From the user’s point of view, these are only ways of contacting the brand, but from the point of view of marketing they are separate channels that can significantly affect each other. Understanding this impact is a key element of a correct and effective multi-channel strategy – omnichannel. Measurement of the ROPO and revROPO effect can be carried out by various methods, also related to the identification by means of geolocation of users who are or recently were found in a traditional store.

Brand image, competition and market preferences

It is difficult to predict the behavior of a satisfied customer who is the Promoter of more than one brand. In order to investigate these behaviors and see where customers potentially spend more money, we use the Wallet Allocation Rule methodology. As a result, we are able to precisely determine the strengths and weaknesses of the brand and competition, as well as determine the factors affecting the selection of individual companies. The goal is to optimize the portfolio based on improving the quality of services.

Ad-hoc research

In addition to constant research to solve key problems, there is often a need to learn about specific issues or user preferences within a short time. Ad-hoc surveys are just for this: quickly designed, launched and summarized by a report prepared by specialists. 

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